Unsaturated Polyester Resin



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  • Ortho-phthalic, pre-accelerated high thixotropic FRP.
  • Iso-phthalic acid/Neopentyl glycol type with high resistance to chemicals of medium reactivity, Thixorropic and pre-accelerated.
  • Designed for automatic application on roof sheeting lines and hand lay-up application.
  • Excellent clearity, superior wet-out of glass fiber and good UV resistance.
  • High reactivity, medium viscous/ medium viscous pre-acceterated/ general purpose FRP, good hardness and chemical resistance.
  • General purpose FRP, High reactivity, low viscous pre-accelerated thixotropic, non wax type good hardness, toughness and impact resistance.
  • Medium reactivity, excellent gloss, optical clear casting, low shrinkage and high filler loading without crack.
  • Designed for coating on decorative panel/ medium reactivity, medium viscous pre-accelerated wax type, fast curing, gloss and abrasive resistance.
  • Putty resin / auto bodu patch compound for thick coating.Putty resin / auto bodu patch compound for thick coating.
  • Air-drying, high reactivity and it can be cured at ambient temperature.


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